Indoor Rules

1) There is a 7 second stall count.

2) Hard walls are out of bounds while nets are in bounds.
CAUTION: Walls are very dangerous, Serious injuries have been caused by running into the walls: a broken kneecap, broken ribs, torn cartilage, numerous concussions, etc.)

3) If picking up the disc along the wall, the handler is allowed to take one step towards the center of the field (Big Al rule).

4) There are zero timeouts per half and zero floaters.

5) Gender Playing Time:
a). If both teams have 5 or 6 women-matching players present at the start of the game, teams are expected to have 2 women-matching and 3 men-matching players on the field.
i. Before every game, however, captains should discuss ratios with the women-matching players on their team and then meet to make sure everyone is one the same page.
ii. This is, of course, subject to change in extenuating circumstances, such as in-game injuries.
iii. Teams may choose to have 3 women-matching and 2 men-matching players on the field at times if both captains agree to do so at the beginning of the game, with endzones dictating gender ratio. Of course, a team may choose to go 3/2 if they want at any time, but the other team does not have to match gender above 2 women-matching players on the field.
b). If one (or both) team(s) has 4 or fewer players women-matching players, teams may choose to play with 1 woman-matching and 4 men-matching, or captains can decide to go with 2 women-matching and 3 men-matching players at times with the end zone dictating.  Again, captains should meet with the women-matching players on their team to discuss gender ratios before any decisions are made.
i. At all times, the board will enforce at least 1 women-matching player on the field. If a team cannot field 1 women-matching spot, they must play with one fewer player.

6) Pulls going out of bounds (hitting the wall) on a roll/skid.
a. If the disc goes out of bounds in the end zone, the disc may be walked up to the front of the end zone directly in front of where the disc first hits out of bounds, otherwise the disc is played from the result of the pull.

7) Pulls going out of bounds on the fly.
a. If a disc goes out of bounds, it can be centered at the spot of contact, taken to the brick if said spot of contact is in the endzone, or (due to the unique construct of the indoor field) the result can be taken.

8) Universe Point
a. If the game is tied when the buzzer sounds, the point is played in full (past the buzzer) until one team scores.
b. If the disc is in the air when the buzzer sounds and is caught for a score resulting in a tie, an additional universe point is played.

9) End of Halves
a. If rule 8 doesn’t apply, the half ends when the buzzer sounds even if it is mid point. If the disc is in the air when the buzzer sounds the half ends as soon as the disc is caught or the disc hits the ground.

10) USAU 11th edition Rules