Spring League is our chance to get outside after the cold winter days!

Games takes place at Olcott Park Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00pm, April 10 – May 15 with rain dates May 22 & 29.
Teams typically range from 14-16 players and are mixed gender, and we play 7 v 7.

This is a laid back league and great for all skill levels! This is our most beginner-friendly league.
Ages 18 and older welcome.

  • First 3 weeks:
    • 30 minutes devoted to team drills and practice in order to build team cohesion and offer new players a chance to practice their skills in a more controlled environment. Veteran players get to help out and hone their skills, too!
    • Remaining 1.5 hours of normal game play, keeping in mind that skill-building is prioritized over competition. Captains can decide whether or not they want to keep score.
  • Last 3 weeks:
    • 2 hours of normal game play (two 50-minute halves with a 10-minute half time).
    • Round-robin competition between the league’s four teams, with no playoffs.

Spring League Schedule

Spring League Teams