Throughout this site you can find events hosted by the Bloomington Ultimate board. Learn information about pick-up games, sign up for community leagues or find a local club team.

Summer League is in session!

June 7 to August 2nd (with August 9 and 16 as our rain dates)
7:00pm, Olcott Park
Follow the schedule here.

Past Events and Congratulations

SCRIMMAGE FOR WOMEN MATCHING PLAYERS. April 1st, 2023 at Twin Lakes Rec Center

This was a really fun scrimmage! We can’t wait for the next one!

Ultimate Clinic for Women Matching Players, November 13, 2022
Thanks to everyone who came to the clinic! It was an absolute blast and we can’t wait to see each of you on the field soon!

League Winners
Winter League Champions – Calamity Gerthquakes!

Congratulations to Team Scones for winning fall league.