Spring/Fall Leagues:
The City of Bloomington Parks and Rec is in charge of closing the fields and are able to cancel games at any time. When the city decides to close the fields the board members will receive a text and will pass on the information using the following methods.

  1. Twitter (Follow @BloomingtonUlti to get this information)
  2. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BloomingtonUltimate/)
  3. Website (www.bloomingtonultimate.org)
  4. The board will send an e-mail to all players

Summer League:
Monroe County Parks and Rec decides whether games are played or not. When the county closes the fields they update the parks and rec hotline (812-349-2126). Board member will pass along the information using the same methods as spring/fall league when they learn of the closing.

Winter League:
Even I don’t know how cancellations work at Twin Lakes Rec Center.

All Leagues:
The board can Seancel at any time for any reason and does not have to provide any additional information to anybody.